Monday, June 29, 2009

A sample of Austen's Writing!

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Sitting in my room, I hear whispering to me, as I play my soul for them upon. Playing my guitar, I pray for God to bless this very room. For it is truly my idol place to be. As speaking, it brings me joy to my heart warming. Which means to me a stress melting thrive. As I lay upon, my bed, with nothing but the wind's silence coming out of my mouth. I rest, as if powders of dust flutters through the arms of a angel to awake me, to take me on a quality vacation which pours into me and my fierce eyes living harmless in this cozy room. My happiness lights up like a starlit shimmery night. Cold breezes licking my face in my room, calls the wind to dance on my joy of peace.
My room is the heart and soul of my relaxation. Commotion outside my kingdom, can be let free, working the shadow's way of chatterboxes. Inside my kingdom different prizes will be revealed.

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